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DIY BurlesKoala

Stella Del Lure – Competitor DIY BurlesKoala 2020

By November 26, 2022No Comments
Stella Del Lure in her DIY BurlesKoala costume

We’re looking back at past competitors and see how they took on the budget burlesque competition.

Stella Del Lure, VIC

Stella Del Lure is a Melbourne based burlesque performer who competed in the 2020 DIY BurlesKoala competition. She describes her usual burlesque style as “neo, cabaret style” I asked Stella about her experiences competing in the 2020 DIY BurlesKoala Competition.

Why did you enter DIY BurlesKoala?

SLD: I wanted to try something new! I love making things and once I put my mind to it the ideas just started flowing!

Where did the inspiration for your act come from?

SDL: I actually took a while to settle on a song! I had an idea of what I wanted to create and I started with costume, which is very different for me. I only had a limited amount of Coles bags so it was fun working out how it would go together and how to attach it to other parts, how it would fit on my body etc. Once I’d put together the base of the costume I started to think about how it would move and played through hundreds of songs on my playlist before deciding!

What was the biggest challenge you faced in creating your DIY act?

I think completion. I loved putting it together but trying to get it to look and feel a way I was happy with was a journey!

What was the biggest achievement or win you had in creating your DIY act?

I love the back of the dress I made. I think I created a piece that’s really different to other acts I’ve seen and I was really happy with it!

What was your favourite aspect of competing in DIY BurlesKoala?

It’s a good challenge and opportunity to create! I have so many random DIY projects on the go so I loved having to think about ways to put them together and how it would all look at completion.

If you were to enter again, what would you do differently?

I would definitely go bigger! I think I’d think of a way to make my act more grand and expensive looking

What advice would you give someone considering entering?

Have a look at designers and performers you like! Basically get inspired and go from there. Whether it’s a song that inspires you or a costume you like etc. Also, go looking in hard rubbish, opshops and through your wardrobe. Get creative about the way you see something- is it a dress that could become a hat? Or a hat that could become part of a dress?

Have you performed your DIY act again, and if so, where/ when? If not, do you hope too?

I haven’t performed it yet but I have bought a new version of the costume to use! It’s been exciting re thinking it for the post DIY stage

Have you since upgraded your DIY act? If so, what changes have you made? If not, are there changes and upgrades you plan to make?

I’ve only upgraded the costume, the rest of the act is solid!

What is one DIY trick, skill or experience you learned/ had during the creation of your act that you are most proud of?

I’m really proud of the costume, I think I created something new and exciting, out of Coles bags no less! I also think I really represented myself as a performer


Do it! Give it a go, have a play, try something new!

DIY BurlesKoala 2022

The DIY BurlesKoala 2022 competition twill be held on Saturday 3 December 2022 at Metro Arts, Brisbane. Tickets available now.

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