We offer a range of classes throughout the year:

The Muse School of Burlesque focuses on teaching the foundations of burlesque to all students, with a focus on history and the roots of the art form. Drawing on the American Striptease style of the 1950s, and legends like Tempest Storm, Rusty Starr, Lili St Cyr, the bump and grind, shimmy and strut are essential moves every student will learn.

Once a strong foundation and vocabulary of burlesque movement is learned, students can expand and interpret the art of striptease to tell their own stories through performance.

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One off classes of 60-90 mins usually featuring a special guest teacher.

Course Classes

Usually 4-6 weeks of 1 hour classes learning a particular choreography or burlesque style, incorporating elements of strip but not full striptease.

Performance Course

Usually 6-8 weeks of 1 hour classes learning a burlesque striptease act to be performed at a public show.

Feature Performer Course

Usually 6-8 weeks of 1 hour classes where the student develops their own burlesque act under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced performer.