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DIY BurlesKoala Competition 2022

By December 1, 2022October 15th, 2023No Comments

Burlesque may be facing its toughest challenge yet. Inflation.

When the Cost of Living hits, budget burlesque hits back. Beauty on a budget is no mean feat.

The usually glimmering, glittering tease entertainment style is a spectacle for audiences to behold with crystals shining and opulent costumes swishing across stages. However, it can come with a hefty price tag for the performers. How can such a beloved and glamorous performance style curb its rhinestone and extravagance habit?

In steps DIY BurlesKoala. A burlesque competition that challenges performers to create an entire performance on a budget of only $100. The challenge is not to create a ‘cheap’ costume, but rather to create an act that audiences cannot believe cost no more than a hundred bucks. Some innovative recycling, upcycling, thrifting, borrowing, reusing, and finding “diamonds in the rough” gives competitors the means to create their masterpieces both on time and on budget.

Budget Burlesque Bursts into Brisbane!

In its 3rd year (after a Covid interrupted 2021), the Australian version of a New Zealand burlesque challenge is coming to Brisbane this December.

Held on Saturday 3 December 2022 at Metro Arts Brisbane, audiences saw 11 performers from across Australia rise to the challenge, creating innovative, entertaining, and astounding burlesque performances on a bargain basement budget, in a bid to win the DIY crown.

On the night, Mama la Roux of Sydney was named Runner up, and CC Satine of Perth was named The Great DIY BurlesKoala 2022. An online screening of the competition in mid 2023 saw Mya Dia Monte named Audience Choice winner.

Meet the Competitors

The 2022 Competitors were: Violetta Harletta (Brisbane), Lottie Lamont (Sydney), Mama La Roux (Sydney), Karla Kartel (ACT & Brisbane), Shelia Bea Rite (Missabotti, NSW), Emmeline Spankhurts (Sydney), Mya Dia Monte (Brisbane), Ali Amalfi (Brisbane), Sin Salute (Brisbane), Gertie Mae (Townsville & Brisbane), Malakeh (Brisbane), CC Satine (Perth WA & Townsville QLD).

Meet the Judges

Lydia Grim performed another DIY style hand over performance, as well as joining the judges panel. Brisbane’s Ella Fontaine joined the judges panel alongside DIY competition creator Mz Twinkle from Wellington, New Zealand. The show was hosted by beloved ‘singing, smiling nightmare’ Drag Queen Sellma Soul. Sydney’s Mae de la Rue produces DIY BurlesKoala

Meet the Sponsors

A range of wonderful sponsors from across Australia will be treating our Winner, Runner Up and Competitors to some fabulous prizes to reward their DIY efforts.

Unbound Event Management, Newcastle Kink Bazaar, Aphrodesia and Newcastle Labyrinth – 4 amazing Awabakal/ Newcastle based small businesses who collectively are offering our winners and performers some great prizes including $100 for our winner, Paid performance places for our Winner and Runner Up, and paid performance opportunities for all our competitors.

The Soap Artisan – who is making all our competitors smell delicious with a selection of handmade delectable soaps. And our Winner gets a full set so they can smell amazing for the entire year of their reign.

Maison Burlesque in Naarm/ Melbourne – who is offering our winner and runner up access to their online and in studio classes to help continue their growth and development as performers

Sterling Staves from Meanjin/ Brisbane – who is giving our winner an amazing set of custom staves, a gift voucher for half price staves for our runner up, and discount vouchers for all of our competitors.

Flazeda Hub in Ngunnawal/ Canberra – who is providing a paid performance opportunity for our Winner, 5 class credits for both our Winner and Runner Up, as well as a free online streamed show for each of our competitors.

Fantastic Feather Creations from Awabakal/ Newcastle who are providing a DIY Boa Kit in Gold for our Winner, a DIY Fan Staves kit for our runner up, and discount vouchers for all of our competitors – yep, they’ll have to DIY their own damn prizes!

Intoxication from Meanjin/ Brisbane – who is providing their stunning Vixen Collection, which is brand new and only just recently made available, a whole set for our winner, a piece for our runner up, and a discount of the entire Vixen Collection for all our competitors.

Hollow Harlot from Kaurna/ Adelaide – who is providing gift vouchers for our winner, runner up, and all our competitors for use in their decadent online store full of clothing and accessories.

The Vaudeville Consortium from Meanjin/ Brisbane – who not only provided us with our stunning Stage Manager Scarlet Tinkabelle, who has made some stunning gauntlets for both the winner and runner up, but are also providing a full term of classes for our winner and a half term of classes for our runner up.

Silla Black and the Haus of Burlesque, the Chameleon of Burlesque – she has judged the competition on the past and each year provides the most gorgeous jewel ring for the winner – this year it’s a large stunning royal blue oval that would put the Heart of the Ocean to shame. As well as a selection of jewels and gifts for our runner up and all of our competitors

Lady Hart, to Original Great DIY BurlesKoala, winner of the first competition in 2019 – provided a selection of her quirky handmade accessories and beloved adornments for our winner, runner up and competitors.

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