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Online Burlesque Classes across Australia

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Schools are delivering online burlesque classes

By now, I’m sure you’ve all lost track of days, how long we’ve been at home, and there’s a billion different ‘potential end-in-sight’ claims. But most are likely misleading with the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic cancelling all the fun in person get togethers for the foreseeable future. While Muse School of Burlesque is not currently running online burlesque classes, that’s no reason not to keep your passion and interest in learning burlesque at bay.

Instead, while I take some time out working hard in the muggle world, here’s a few ways you can work hard on your sparkle interests and help keep the Australian Burlesque scene alive. I’ve also collated a list of Online Burlesque Shows across Australia for your viewing and entertainment during isolation.

Supporting Australian Burlesque

Many full time performers have been excluded by the Australian Government’s stimulus packages, not being recognized or provided for in the financial support. These performers are working hard to create an income and provide you all with opportunities to continue your burlesque learning. You can support these performing artists by booking and participating in their online classes.

If you have a scholastic’s or established classes that have moved online and you would like to be added, simply Contact me or private message me on Facebook or Instagram with the details to be added.

Online Australian Burlesque, Fitness, and Dance Classes

I’m choosing to highlight local Australian burlesque performers. There are performers around the world also offering classes that may suit your level or the times of day you have available.

Adelaide Dance Parlour (SA)

Run by Bella Doll and offering a mix of pole dance and burlesque, ADP offers a selection of classes including one on one’s, Bella’s Bucket List mix, one off class downloads, or personal training consultations.

Visit the ADP Facebook Page or ADP Website for more details.


Betty Grumble (NSW)

Australia’s favourite Sex Clown is dancing every day at 10am AEST is offering a free ‘Grumble Boogie’ every day until we can hug again, though if you have an income, you are encouraged to pay what you can via PayPal: The daily Grumble Boogie is on Betty Grumble’s Facebook Page and Instagram account.


The Bombshell Burlesque Academy (QLD)

Based in Brisbane and run by the inimitable Lila Luxx, the Bombshells are moving online in May and June with a range of classes specifically developed for online delivery. The regular tutors will feature, alongside guest tutors Zelia Rose and Bella de Jac. You’ll find both technique and choreography based classes as one off workshops, 4 week courses and 8 week courses covering a variety of topics and skill levels.

Visit the Bombshell Facebook Page or Website for more details.

Bottoms Up Burlesque & Pole (VIC)

Based in Melbourne with a range of pole and burlesque classes now available online starting from Monday 13 April, offered on a casual basis and require enrolment.

Visit the Bottoms Up Facebook Page or Website for more details.


Boutique Burlesque By Bailey (QLD)

Based in Mackay, their classes have moved online for this term and new online classes will be coming soon. Single express online classes are available and 4 week terms are already underway.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for new classes when they become available.

Dance Central (NSW)

One of Sydney’s most loved dance schools has moved online. They offer a range of dance styles from around the world.

Visit the Dance Central Facebook Page or Website for more details

Hot Sauce Burlesque (SA)

Based in Adelaide and run by Lyra LaBelle, Hot Sauce Burlesque offers a range of burlesque styles and classes which have just started last week with tutors including Diana D’Vine and Letitia Stitch.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for new class availability, or contact them directly to inquire about drop-in opportunities.

International Burlesque Academy (VIC)

Melbourne’s own Bella de Jac has launched her online burlesque school and offers a variety of free, and pay what you can classes via the Facebook Group

Visit the IBA Facebook Page for more classes

Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Society (ACT)

Canberra’s vibrant Jazida has four classes run by herself, Rainbow, Sara Martini and Miki Minx for the launch of her Fabulous Fan Society where students will learn silk or feather fan choreographies for hopeful performances later in the year across Australia. Starting in May, you can sign up for either Beginner or Advanced. Enrolments close on 30 April.

Visit Jazida’s Facebook Page or Website for more details

Lady Lace (WA)

The Reigning Burlesque Idol Perth Miss Lady Lace is a renowned Pin Up who has been providing Pin Up inspired work outs YouTube and will be adding burlesque tutorials back in to her offering soon. You can find her videos on YouTube with her Quick Quarantine Workout or on her Instagram.

Visit her Facebook Page or her Website for her full offering.

Lady Velvet Cabaret (WA)

Perth’s cabaret and dance studio provides a range of classes including burlesque, and have moved their next term online starting on Monday 27 April.

Visit the LVC Facebook Page or Website for details.


Maison Burlesque (VIC)

With a line up of Melbourne’s tutors not to be envied including Dolores Daiquiri, Jane Doe, Maple Rose, Velma Vouloir, Juniper Fox, and Whisky Falls and headed up by Poppy Cherry, their online classes started at the end of March, however drop in casual passes for the technical classes is available.

Visit the Maison Facebook Page or Website for more details.

Scarlet Belle Burlesque (WA)

Perth based burlesque troupe have moved their classes online with a range of drop-in classes and a range of 6 week courses coming up in late May.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for details


Showpony Pole & Burlesque (NSW)

The Northern Sydney studio have moved classes online including pole, burlesque, stretch & flex, lap, acro and more by a range of tutors including the 2019 Burlesque Idol Australia, Natalia Fatale.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for all the details

Sky Sirens (NSW)

Headed up by Katia Schwartz, and celebrating its 4thbirthday, six new video tutorial packs are available including flex, Charleston and floorwork to name a few. But a pack or a bundle, or the lot and work through at your pace.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for more details and video packs

Stone Cold Fox Burlesque (NSW)

Based in the Blue Mountains under the watchful eye of Porcelain, all April Break classes from Mon 13 April – 27 April will run as Pay What You Can, with new Term to start after the Break. Private Message their Facebook Page to be added to the April Break Facebook Group


Sugar Blue Burlesque (WA)

Based in Perth and headed up by A’dora Derriere have just released their brand new range of online classes including both drop in classes, and 6 week courses.

Visit the Facebook Page or Website for all the details.


Sugars Shakers Burlesque (NSW)

Sydney’s Sugar Derramar teaches both at SVDS and her own Sugars Shakers classes which have now moved online on Monday nights. Sugar Derramar runs Instagram Live Pilates classes on Tuesday and Thursday

Visit the Sugar Shakers Facebook Page and DM for details or visit Sugar’s Instagram

Sydney Vintage Dance Studio (NSW)

Based in Sydney’s Inner West and headed by the indestructible Sheena, dance through the decades with classes spanning decades of famous dance styles as well as burlesque, stretch and flex, many are running for free or pay what you can, and others are available as online courses. Brand new “Living Room Lock In” courses launching in May have just been listed, so explore the decades with tutors including Sugar Derramar, Kael, Paloma Negra, Demon Derriere, and Bridie Doll.

Visit the SVDS Facebook Page or Website for details

The Vaudeville Consortium (QLD)

Branching across Brisbane thanks to a collection of Brisbane’s burlesquers – Scarlet Tinkabelle, Rosetta Sterling, Choe the Cocaine, Trigger Happy, and more – existing classes have moved online, however they will be offering some workshops and free sessions online soon too.

Visit the VC Facebook and Website for details

VaVoom Room (QLD)

Far North Queensland’s favourite studio with Vivienne Starr at the helm hits the online scene this Monday 13 April with a whole new range of classes covering dance, fitness, singing, life drawing, and body confidence, including a weekly membership price with unlimited access.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for more details

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