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Celebrate World Burlesque Day!

By April 19, 2022No Comments
Mae de la Rue in a pink Corset with vintage style lingeries and crystals


There is a day for everything, coffee, tea, chocolate, even burlesque! World Burlesque Day is relatively new to the yearly calendar of ‘days’ but it’s definitely one to celebrate!

What is World Burlesque Day?

The beauty of World Burlesque Day is it’s not just for performers, or people experienced in burlesque. The creator wants to share the joy and sparkle of burlesque with people around the world.

Sapphira is an Australian burlesque performer living in London. She has an extraordinary life story and personal journey to Burlesque. I recently heard Sapphira on podcast, “What’s the Tease?” where she spoke about the origin and purpose of the day. I’ve read her autobiography, “Burlesque of Bust”, and have participated in the last two annual celebrations.

Sapphira’s vision is for a day where anyone, in any profession can have some fun and channel the spirit and glamour of burlesque to brighten their day. And perhaps people will learn a bit of history, go to a show, or learn burlesque themselves.

Why 26 April?

One of the most famous Burlesque performers in history who caused scandals and really kicked off modern burlesque as we know it, is Gypsy Rose Lee. Her career has inspired books, musicals, and even the movie Gypsy. I recently read her autobiography – which I won by participating in World Burlesque Day in 2021! The anniversary of her death is 26 April, and the Day was started in 2020 to commemorate 50 years since her passing. What better day to celebrate burlesque around the world?

How to celebrate World Burlesque Day

There are so many ways you can join the celebrations, pick whatever works for you!

Here’s a list from the easiest to the most involved. Choose as many as you like that sparkle your pastie.

  • Follow #AustralianBurlesque or #Burlesque on social media and follow some performers that catch your interest
  • Watch the 2010 movie ‘Burlesque’ featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher
  • Watch the 1972 movie ‘Cabaret’ featuring Liza Minelli (hot tip; it features more ‘burlesque’ than the movie “Burlesque” does)
  • Listen to a podcast about burlesque performers
  • Use a Burlesque Name Generator (google it) to create your burly name, put on some pizzazz, and post a photo to Social Media with the World Burlesque Day logo collage
  • Download the 2022 World Burlesque Day Anthem “Queen of the Scene” by Sapphira and Doc Moody, and record your own lip sync video for the TikTok #QueenOfTheSceneChallenge
  • Order and read one or more books about burlesque, like The Burlesque Handbook by Headmistress Jo Weldon, or Gypsy by Gypsy Rose Lee
  • Wear something sparkly (like a tiara), or feathery (like a boa) or silky (like gloves) for a work meeting, just for fun of it!
  • Buy tickets to an upcoming Burlesque show (hot tip; Australian Burlesque Festival is currently touring!)
  • Watch an online burlesque show (hot tip; there are plenty on demand from across Australia and around the world!)
  • Get together for a burlesque themed party
  • Attend online burlesque classes (hot tip; there are some terrific classes available in Australia and around the world right now, plus the World Burlesque Academy App has just launched)
  • Attend a Burlesque Class in person (hot top; Muse School of Burlesque has classes starting in time for World Burlesque Day!)

What other ideas do you have, or how do you plan to celebrate World Burlesque Day? Let me know in the comments below.

Share this article with your friends and networks and help spread the joy and celebration of burlesque!

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