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Tips for your online Burlesque Muse Australia 2021 Grand Finale Experience

By May 1, 2021May 25th, 2021No Comments
Burlesque Idol Australia - Muse 2021 Grand Finale

In 2021 Burlesque Idol Australia was dubbed ‘Burlesque Muse’ in 2021 as I stepped up to take the reins as National Director for this years’ Tour. We navigated the ever changing restrictions and shutdowns to delight many audiences with live shows. It’s a beloved burlesque competition where the audience has a say in who will take the crown.

Given the ongoing travel challenges, I’ve teamed up with masterminds behind The Great Debacle, Carletta the Great, and Charlie D. Barkle to host the Burlesque Muse Grand Finale online once more!

Burlesque Muse (Idol) Australia 2021 Grand Finale is going digital!

Put Wednesday May 12 in the diary, order your favourite home delivery, and put your favourite drinks on to chill. We’re coming to YOUR HOUSE!

Competitors have recorded videos of their winning acts ready for the digital format to impress the most important judges – YOU!

Here’s a few tips to make the most of your fabulous finale from home.

Book your tickets

I know, it seems obvious, BUT, there’s benefit in getting sorted ahead of the day. Check your local timezone so you know when to tune in (7.30pm AEST time). Make sure your set up is sound and that you can indeed connect your device to your television for the BIG screen experience.

Planning a party with friends? Get the best deal on offer for up to 5 people with the Household Access Pass which includes a vote for each household member.

Just the two of you? Buy Yolo Solo Access passes each so you both get a vote at the crucial time to help get your favourite performer to the top and snatch that crown!

Buy your tickets at The Great Debacle site now.

Check your internet

Seriously – internet streaming is great fun until your stream freezes because your internet is overloaded. Make sure your other devices are either not using your wifi, or have already downloaded all their updates for the day, well before show time. Don’t get caught in the buffer zone.

Have your device handy

Make sure your device of choice is nearby. This year individual voting links will be sent my SMS to registered ticket holders.

There will be a live chat happening on the stream, but most importantly – you’ll need to be ready with your device of choice to access the all important VOTE! Yes, every solo ticket will have one vote. Every household ticket will have a vote for each of up to five household member registered!

Burlesque Idol Muse Grand Finalists

Get social

Once you’re sorted with your ticket, your besties, and your plans for your viewing night (or day depending on your location), and your device at the ready to vote, help get the word out by celebrating on social media! @tag @burlesqueidolaustralia on your IG stories or FB posts to share your prep, your red carpet look, or to shout out for your favourite performer tagging them. The more people tuning in to vote for your favourite means the better change they have to win!

Be sure to be following Burlesque Idol Australia on Facebook and Instagram to see all the competitors and stay up to date with all the news.

Get ready to party!

Ben Osborne and Unicorn SpiritsGet planning, get shopping, get prepping, put your favourite drinks on to chill, and charge your devices! If you’ve got friends coming over, make sure they arrive early so you can get your party spread on and get in the mood.

Take your selfies and post them to social before and during the show, plan your pee-breaks – there will be two SHORT intermissions and you’ll need to vote in one of them. So just don’t break the seal, eh?

Want to bring some sparkle to your at home experience? Order your drinks from National Sponsor, Unicorn Spirits and use code ‘Sparkle‘ for $5 off your order.  You’ll have the most shimmering and glittering cocktails on hand for the show. Choose from sparkling colour change Vodka or Gin, or pick the most literal ‘sparkling’ wine available.

Want something non-alcoholic? Try Canberra City Sponsor, Altina. Zero alcohol cocktails, delivered to your door.

Relive the excitement with On Demand

Each ticket holder will be able to access and rewatch the whole show after it’s all done and dusted. So even if you can’t watch live, you can catch up with playback or on demand purchase throughout May and June.

Who will you be voting for? Share in the comments and on social!


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