Marilyn and Mae

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Mae de la Rue wears a fuscia 1950s dress and holds a silver tiara

Marilyn Monroe as photographed by John Florea in 1953I set out to recreate this iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe, shot by John Florea in 1953. To me it captures a fun moment of hopes and dreams and I think it’s a moment more of us in the Burlesque scene should enjoy and support. How do you think I went? 😉

It’s wonderful to see the community lifting up and celebrating those who made the recent 21st Century Burlesque Magazine Top 50 full of people making positive changes on the scene.

In Australia we have our own movers and shakers with shows popping up to fundraiser for the RFS and bushfire victims. But we also have the Burlesque Idol Australia Tour about to kick off to discover emerging and local talent.

I’m delighted to be co-producing the Darwin leg with champion performer and producer, and good friend Scarlet Tinkabelle.

Mae de la Rue wears a fuscia 1950s dress and holds a silver tiaraI’m excited to see how more competitions arriving in Australia will push our level of performance. America has a huge number of festivals and competitions and the sheer magnitude is awe inspiring. I’m really hoping our scene can embrace, grow and flourish with similar inspirations.

And I really hope to see more people celebrating their achievements! Don’t be shy, hold you tiaras aloft and shout to the world about how proud you are of your achievements. 👑 Even if you don’t have a tiara, tell the world what you’re proud of! 😍

If you see someone trying to celebrate their successes, please cheer for them the way you’d like people to cheer for you in your time. Together we can build a better, happier, more inspiring world for us all.


I recreated this look with my Golden Stripper Tiara from GLCC – Golden Legend Champion Challenge, wearing my transformation gown by Crystal Queen Stagewear and Crystals with hair and make up by Cath Mish-Wills Makeup & Hair and photography by Cam Attree Photography

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