Dressing for a Cause – #WearTheChange2020

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Right now, there are may causes calling for attention, and many of them are very worthy. I have been doing what I can to support and educate around the Black Lives Matter issues in both Australia and the USA using my social media channels over the past couple of weeks. However one cause close to my heart also needing attention, is the treatment of refugees in Australia (and it’s offshore detention disgrace).

'Faith' with her portrait by Wendy Sharpe

Asylum Seeker “Faith” with her portrait by Wendy Sharpe

Over the years I have become more aware of the plight refugees and asylum seekers face when attempting to seek refuge in Australia. I have supported fundraising events with both my volunteering time, and my money.

In fact one of my most prized possessions is a pastel portrait by Wendy Sharpe of ‘Faith’ purchased from the Seeking Humanity exhibition fundraising for the Asylum Seeker Centre. To my delight, we have since met ‘Faith’ and she is now a firm friend and attended our wedding celebrations.

Another charity organisation I’ve recently become a firm fan of, is The Social Outfit in Newtown. It’s an amazing organisation that focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion while also providing training, experience and employment pathways for refugees arriving in Sydney.

I attended their 5 year birthday fundraising event last year and bought a beautiful bomber jacket that I just ADORE! This month they kick off the #WearTheChange2020 fundraising challenge, inviting patrons to wear one item from the Social Outfit, styled in 5 different ways between 15 – 19 June.

So I’ve signed up and am looking forward to wearing this beauty all week in different ways to impress you enough to compel you to make a donation to the cause. You can find out more about the challenge, The Social Outfit, and make a donation on my #WearTheChange2020 Fundraising Page.

To start, here’s a Sunday Bumday style tribute to putting your ass on the line for a cause you believe in. This fabulous photo by Joel Devereaux taken in Brisbane last year, with make up by Cath Mish-Wills, and wig styling by Divine Pinups – Dianne Murphy.

Mae de la Rue wearing a Social Outfit Jacket



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