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Calling all Muses – World Burlesque Day

By April 24, 2020No Comments

This Sunday 26 April 2020 is the first ever World Burlesque Day and the Muses want you to get involved.

If you are or ever have or would like to be a student at Muse School of Burlesque (or formerly Risque Bizniz School of Burlesque) you are invited to be a part of our video to celebrate the day!

How will Muse celebrate World Burlesque Day?

Many will have seen the Australian phenomenon of the ‘Bin Isolation Outing‘ – a Facebook group encouraging people to get dressed up for the weekly excitement of taking your bins out. Goodness knows none of us have any other reason to get dressed up or go out in this COVID-19 isolation world we are in. The group encourages taking photos or videos of yourself dressed up and taking the wheelie bin out, to share in the group for mirth and fun.

So Muse School of Burlesque wants to take it one step further and invites all past and present students who would like too, to get dressed up in your best interpretation of ‘Burlesque’ and film yourself taking the bin out. We will combine all appropriate submitted videos in to one Muse video to share this Sunday, World Burlesque Day.

How can you get involved?

Easy! Don’t take yourself too seriously, instead have FUN.

  1. Do your hair and make up however you would like
  2. Put on your favourite burlesque or burlesque inspired outfit (no nudity or pasties please)
  3. Use your phone on it’s side/ horizontal (landscape format) to record a short video of yourself taking the bin out (we recommend an empty bin for the easiest pushing and try to limit to 30 seconds)
  4. Email your video clip to our Head Muse Mae de la Rue by 11am this Sunday 26 April at
  5. Watch the Muse School of Burlesque Facebook Page for the video premiere later that day!

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