Tips for your online Burlesque Idol Australia 2020 Grand Finale Experience

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We’ve celebrated the New Year but 2020’s challenges are still around us causing inconveniences and ruining fun. The 2020 Burlesque Idol Australia Tour was powering its way through the countryside to sold out audiences and many delightful audiences. It’s a beloved burlesque competition where the audience has a say in who will take the crown.

I had a blast co-producing the first ever Burlesque Idol Darwin with Scarlet Tinkabelle, where Millie Devine took out the inaugural crown. The sold out show was heaving with creative acts and enthusiastic audiences – a polar opposite to what we could expect to see in venues right now!

Covid shut down the country so fast we didn’t even get all of the city finals complete on time let alone the Grand Finale. And while the end of 2020 looked like we might just be able to open borders for a live finale, Sydney in particular had ideas and we’re back in an uncertain border situation. So Finale Producer Angel Leggas of 3 Fates Media, Burlesque Idol Director Sarina Del Fuego, and masterminds behind The Great Debacle, Carletta the Great, and Charlie D. Barkle came up with a GENIUS solution.

Burlesque Idol Australia 2020 Grand Finale is going to be the ultimate Hybrid event. In person AND online!

Yes, this Saturday 23 January, if you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne, you can head to see the Grand Finale in a Covid Safe showcase of live performances, and recorded competitors. If you can’t make it to Victoria, like many of the finalist, you can tune in from the comfort of your own home!

Competitors have provided videos of their winning acts that will be played as part of the live show and stream, so every finalist has an equal opportunity to impress the most important judges – YOU!

If like me you’re tuning in from home, here’s a few tips to make the most of your fabulous finale from home.

Book your tickets

I know, it seems obvious, BUT, there’s benefit in getting sorted ahead of the day. Check your local timezone so you know when to tune in (7.30pm AEDT time). Make sure your set up is sound and that you can indeed connect your device to your television for the BIG screen experience.

Planning a party with friends? Get the best deal on offer for 3 or more people with the Household Access Pass which includes a vote for each household member.

Just the two of you? Buy Yolo Solo Access passes each so you both get a vote at the crucial time to help get your favourite performer to the top and snatch that crown!

Buy your tickets at The Great Debacle site now.

Check your internet

Seriously – internet streaming is great fun until your stream freezes because your internet is overloaded. Make sure your other devices are either no using your wifi, or have already downloaded all their updates for the day, well before show time. Don’t get caught in the buffer zone.

Have your device handy

Make sure your device of choice is nearby. If you’re casting to your TV, have a mobile device handy. Or if you’re watching on a computer set up, don’t leave that keyboard and mouse too far away.

There will be a live chat happening on the stream, but most importantly – you’ll need to be ready with your QR scanner/ device camera of choice, to access the all important VOTE! Yes, every solo ticket will have one vote. Every household ticket will have a vote for each household member!

Don’t have a QR code reading device? A link will also be available so you can grab your keyboard and mouse and make them do your bidding.

Get social

Once you’re sorted with your ticket, your besties, and your plans for your viewing night (or day depending on your location), and your device at the ready to vote, help get the word out by celebrating on social media! @tag @burlesqueidolaustralia on your IG stories or FB posts to share your prep, your red carpet look, or to shout out for your favourite performer tag them and use their official Idol hashtag. The more people turning in to vote for your favourite means the better change they have to win!

Be sure to be following Burlesque Idol Australia on Facebook and Instagram to see all the competitors and stay up to date with all the news.Burlesque Idol Australia 2020 Grand Final Competitors

Get ready to party!

Get planning, get shopping, get prepping, put your favourite drinks on to chill, and charge your devices! If you’ve got friends coming over, make sure they arrive early so you can get your party spread on and get in the mood.

Take your selfies and post them to social before and during the show, plan your pee-breaks – there will be two SHORT intermissions and you’ll need to vote in one of them. So just don’t break the seal, eh?

Audiences at both Melbourne’s in person show and tuning in online will see some smashing live performances from judges Bella De Jac, Ferri Maya, and Whisky Falls, and guest performer Marilyn Mocktail, beamed to your lounge room via the joys of the internet. During the intermissions, Melbourne audiences will have some in studio entertainment, while those tuning in at home will have some exclusive interactive fun online! So don’t wander too far away, you don’t want to miss your chance to have your say!

Who will you be voting for? Share in the comments and on social!

Want to see some live burlesque in your city? Check out the 2021 Burlesque Idol Australia Tour kicking off on this February – March and find a local Covid Safe show to attend. But hurry, book your tickets online as shows are already selling out!

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